Athletes for a Better World

Athletes for a Better World
Founded: 1998

Athletes for a Better World exists to change the culture of sport by developing individual character, teamwork, and civic responsibility through commitment to the Code for Living.

Founded by Fred Northup in June 1998, Athletes for a Better World grew out of a need for positive mentoring for young persons in sport. Sadly, stories about greed, scandal, and inappropriate behavior have become all-too-common in our sporting society and young people are picking up this type of negative behavior despite the efforts made by many in our communities to combat this trend.

By joining ABW team and following the Code for Living, athletes and others involved in sport will be able to do two things: stand together for the values they already live out as individuals, and encourage others to join the ABW movement.

ABW envisions a country where athletes, teams, and others involved in sport provide public leadership that makes an identifiable and measurable difference in the transformation of society by a commitment to such values as nonviolence, education, and support for charities and organizations that serve the common good.

Current Programs:
ABW recognizes the opportunity that sport provides for developing character and leadership potential in individuals and in making a difference in our communities and world. ABW's Code for Living provides guideposts for personal and leadership development. The code reflects the desire to live a responsible life as an individual, as a member of a team, and as a member of society. It costs nothing to join the organization, and its program is supported entirely by those who care about the character of sports leadership and who are committed to making this a better world for all people.

Web Site:
The ABW Web site ( offers a variety of resources for anyone involved in athletics.

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January 7, 2020