Black Women's Blueprint

Black Women's Blueprint
Founded: 2008

Mission: To realize a world where women and girls of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are eliminated.

About the Organization: Founded in 2008, Black Women's Blueprint works to place black women and girls' lives and struggles squarely within the context of larger racial justice concerns and is committed to building movements where gender matters in social justice organizing so that all members of African-American communities achieve social, political, and economic equity. To that end, the organization engages in critical research, historical documentation, policy advocacy, and organizing around transformative justice.

Current Programs: The organization's programs include an initiative to advance economic justice through grassroots documentation of the historical, intergenerational, and ongoing effects of poverty while also building capacity to address sexist and racist economic inequities; and an effort to end criminal justice abuse by putting African-American women on the police accountability agenda and ending sexualized police violence. In the area of sexual violence, BWB offers a hotline, healing and counseling programs, and support groups for survivors, while its Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Sexual Assault seeks to address historical and contemporary injustices and pave the way for healing, justice, and reconciliation, holding healing symposia in twelve states and the District of Columbia, as well as an annual tribunal.

Other programs offered by the organization include a child sexual abuse prevention initiative, which provides a framework for intervention, workshops, tools, and other resources; the Institute for Gender and Cultural Competence, which provides customized training for the prevention of and interventions with respect to discrimination, oppression, and violence; and the Gender Justice Fund, which raises funds in support of women's solidarity-building strategies and intra-community racial healing and accountability.

Website: Visitors to the Black Women's Blueprint site can stay informed about the organization's work through the Mama Black blog, browse listings of resources and upcoming workshops, and/or find out how to get involved in the organization's campaigns, volunteer, or donate.

Funding: Black Women's Blueprint is funded by foundations, corporations, individuals, and government grants.

Brooklyn, New York 11202
Phone: (347) 533-9102 or 9103