Camp Fire USA

Camp Fire USA
Founded: 1910

To build caring, confident youth and future leaders.

About the Organization:
Founded almost a century ago, Camp Fire USA is one of the nation's leading nonprofit youth-development organizations and currently serves nearly 750,000 children and youth annually. Originally called Camp Fire Girls, it was the first nonsectarian organization for girls in the United States. In 1975, membership was expanded to include boys, and the organization changed its name to Camp Fire USA in August 2001. Serving youth from birth to age twenty-one, Camp Fire USA's outcome-based programs focus on youth leadership, self-reliance, after-school activities, camping and environmental education, and child care.

Current Programs:
Camp Fire USA has numerous youth-development programs that are delivered through 145 local and statewide councils and community partners. With Small-Group Clubs and Mentoring Opportunities, boys and girls usually meet once a week for an hour, learning to work and play together through service projects. The Leadership Development program is open to teens and young adults who are welcome to participate in the organization's national youth forums. The Child Care program is a collaboration between Camp Fire USA and the Sesame Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street. Camp Fire's Service-Learning program teaches youth about community service through hands-on experiences, while the Community Family Club offers quality coeducational youth development programs for parents and children.

Web Site:
Camp Fire's Web site provides a link to Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a national, annual letter-writing campaign that urges adults to write letters of love and support to the children in their lives. The site also offers a camp directory, a council directory, links to other organizations, and the Online Store, which features everything from clothing and candy to stickers and publications.

In addition to revenue from its store, Camp Fire USA is supported by several foundations, corporations, government agencies, and private donations.

Contact: Jill Pasewalk, Ceo
Phone: (816) 285-2010
Fax: (816) 285 9444