Career Girls

Career Girls
Founded: 1996

Mission: To ensure that every girl has access to diverse and accomplished women role models, can learn from their experiences, and has access to the tools and resources needed to discover her own path to empowerment.

About the Organization: Career Girls was founded in 1996 by Linda Calhoun, then a database consultant for USAID and the World Bank, with the goal of helping young girls attain their dreams and professional goals by closing the "imagination gap" — bringing inspiring female role models directly to girls, wherever they happened to be. Today, the organization offers free access to a collection of career guidance videos featuring diverse women with successful careers in various fields, as well as tools and resources designed to help girls explore and prepare for a career.

Current Programs: Career Girls currently provides over eleven thousand videos featuring more than six hundred female role models in seventeen career clusters, including architecture and construction, energy, finance, health sciences, IT, law and public safety, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). For each cluster, the website provides an overview — including education required, skills needed, average pay, and employment outlook in the United States — along with videos of accomplished women in that field. Each role model discusses her career, her education, and her story and offers advice and/or highlights educational materials for girls who want to follow a similar career path. In addition to career tools, the site provides resources related to girls' empowerment, including videos about and activities for developing life skills, exploring college options, becoming college-ready, and choosing a college major. Resources for family, educators, and mentors include empowerment activities and tool kits customized for teachers, school counselors, mentors, group leaders, and media specialists.

In an effort to provide its STEM-focused resources to girls without Internet access, Career Girls partnered in 2019 with the NGO Starlight Africa to make culturally sensitive content available offline via a battery-operated portable device powered by World Possible in two schools in Rwanda. 

Website: Visitors to the Career Girls site can take a career quiz, explore career clusters and careers, search for role-model videos by keyword and/or language, or browse resources for educators, mentors, and parents by keyword and/or type of material. They can also browse featured stories, read testimonials from teenage girls, share their own stories and dreams with the Career Girls community, and/or make a donation or purchase Career Girls merchandise to support the organization's work.

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San Francisco, CA 94107

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