Clear Path International

Clear Path International
Founded: 2000

Clear Path International helps communities in Southeast Asia create an everyday environment free from the threat of landmines and unexploded ordnance left over from war. It also provides assistance to victims of accidental ordnance explosions, particularly children.

Clear Path International was founded by a group of humanitarians with years of experience in managing de-mining projects in central Vietnam. They recognized the need for a professional nonprofit organization focused on the clearance of landmines and unexploded ordnance, and on victim-assistance programs in Southeast Asia. They also saw the need to raise awareness about the impact of leftover ordnance on individual families and on the development potential of their communities.

Current Programs:
Clear Path International sponsors the removal of deadly explosives and supports programs that provide victim-assistance services to accident survivors. This work paves the way for healing, reintegration, safety, resettlement, access to much-needed agricultural land, and development. Clear Path International's approach to clearance and humanitarian programs calls for close cooperation with local residents and agencies that represent them. Its projects are also designed to create an in-country capacity that can sustain the de-mining and victim-assistance activities well into the future, independently or with minimal support from the international community.

Recent Successes:
Vietnam. Clear Path International has launched the largest de-mining project of its kind by an American organization in Vietnam: the clearance of nearly 110 acres on the former Dong Ha Combat Base, Quang Tri Province. The base was the forward headquarters of the U.S. Third Marine Division during the war and supported fire bases along the Demilitarized Zone. Meanwhile, it provides comprehensive victim-assistance services to accident survivors in the province and co-sponsors a special medical team to treat 100 children injured by explosions in this area.

Cambodia. Clear Path International is registering as a humanitarian de-mining organization with the newly created Cambodian Mine Action Authority. After obtaining its official status, it will consider a number of victim assistance and community clearance proposals in the country.

Web Site:
The Clear Path International Web site answers the following questions: Where is Clear Path International making a life-saving difference? What families have benefited from Clear Path International's victim-assistance efforts? Visitors will also find updates on its program activities, links to partners and other humanitarian organizations working nearby its projects, and an overview of the landmine problem in Southeast Asia.

Funding Needs:
Clear Path International is a small but efficient organization that leverages its resources to add significant humanitarian value to the clearance projects funded by foundations. It raises money for its victim-assistance activities from a variety of sources, including a fast-growing number of individual donors. Nearly 100 percent of victim-assistance grants and contributions are used to provide direct life-saving care to accident survivors.

Contact: Imbert Matthee, Executive Director


August 7, 2018