Corporate Accountability International

Corporate Accountability International
Founded: 1977

Mission: To safeguard public health, human rights, and the environment from corporate abuse and provide education to the public in order to support democratic institutions and a just society.

About the Organization: Founded in 1977, Corporate Accountability International works to end irresponsible and dangerous corporate actions in order to ensure a world where people and the environment can flourish. With the help of tens of thousands of members, volunteers, activists, and allied organizations, as well as its own staff of more than sixty professionals and an eleven-member board of directors, CAI works to build public awareness about corporate abuse and strengthen government regulations to help prevent it.

Current Programs: CAI works on three programmatic fronts: control of potable water, abuse of food systems, and tobacco, and has individual advisory boards for each issue. In addition, the organization runs a Corporate Hall of Shame program whose “winners,” chosen by ordinary citizens, then become the object of grassroots protest campaigns run by CAI and its allies across the globe, including the World Health Organization and several United Nations departments. CAI's most recent effort, launched in May 2015, is a campaign to kick big polluters out of climate policy.

Website: Visitors to the site can read about CAI’s successes, starting with its 1984 campaign against Nestle’s marketing of infant formula; learn how to take action as part of one its current campaigns; search a directory of published resources; learn more through its blog and profiles of the organization’s supporters; and/or make a donation.

Funding: Corporate Accountability International is supported by contributions from individuals and grantmakers.

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June 26, 2018