Doc to Dock

Doc to Dock
Founded: 2005

To improve the health and lives of people in Africa by providing healthcare workers with the tools they need.

About the Organization:
Doc to Dock was created by Dr. Bruce Charash as part of a commitment he made to improving global health at the inaugural meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2005. Charash knew that thousands of tons of unused medical supplies such as syringes, gloves, tubing, and gauze are discarded daily in the United States, either incinerated or deposited in landfills — both harmful to the environment. His organization strives to reverse this cycle of waste by collecting unused supplies from hospitals around the country and shipping them to hospitals and clinics in developing countries in Africa. To date, Doc to Dock has shipped supplies valued at $400,000 per cargo container to hospitals in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Benin.

Current Programs:
To carry out its program, Doc to Dock sets up recycling bins in operating rooms and suites in participating U.S. hospitals, collects the unused medical supplies deposited in them, and transfers them to its warehouses. The nonprofit also organizes collections at medical conventions in the United States, notifying participants in advance of the types of items to donate. Volunteers — including people with a medical background and large numbers of high school and college students, church groups, and people with disabilities — sort and catalog all the donations. Then pre-selected medical centers in developing countries select and order the supplies they need, and the items are shipped to them.

Doc to Dock also collaborates on projects with other organizations, which recommend hospitals in developing nations and supply ground contacts to ensure compliance. Partners include the Earth Institute/Columbia University, American Friends of Kenya, the United Nations, MedShare International, REMEDY/Yale-New Haven Hospital, MERCI/University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, the James Jordan Foundation, Doctors Choice Community Health Network, Gleaning for the World, and the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative.

Web Site:
Doc to Dock's Web site makes good use of illustrations to depict how the program works and images of the people it serves. The site also provides information for ordering supplies, which currently is done via telephone, e-mail, or fax but eventually will be conducted online as well.

Doc to Dock is supported by individual gifts and by foundation and corporate grants. It also receives in-kind donations from hospitals and medical centers, including inventory items and viable used equipment. Within the next year, it expects to collect medical supplies valued at nearly $25 million from its existing donor pool of hospitals.

Contact: Dr. Bruce Charash, Founder and CEO
Phone: (718) 852-0655