Education Through Music

Education Through Music
Founded: 1991

To support music instruction in disadvantaged schools and enhance students' academic performance and general development.

About the Organization:
Education Through Music was established in 1991 by Edmund Schroeder and Eldon Mayer to help ensure that every child has access to a comprehensive music education and that music is treated as a core subject in schools. To accomplish its goal, the group forms partnerships with New York City schools that serve at-risk and economically disadvantaged students and creates individualized music education plans for those schools. ETM also has affiliates in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The organization bases its work on research which has found that music education increases children's reading, writing, math, and spatial temporal reasoning skills; encourages self-discipline, respect, and understanding of others; and aids general childhood development.

Current Programs:
Through ETM's New York City partner program, the organization supports weekly music instruction that follows a skills-based, comprehensive, and sequential curriculum throughout the year; integrates instruction into a range of academic areas to boost student learning; promotes professional development to improve music instruction; provides enrichment opportunities such as concerts, private lessons, and summer camp scholarships; conducts regular evaluations and assessments; and involves parents and the community. ETM also offers consulting and professional development services to educators around the country.

Web Site:
The ETM Web site offers information on how to become a teaching artist, intern, or employee of the organization as well as how to support the group by donating money or time.

ETM receives funding from foundations, corporations, and federal, state, and city government agencies.

Contact: Katherine Damkohler, Executive Director
Phone: (212) 972-4788
Fax: (212) 972-4864