Food and Environment Reporting Network

Food and Environment Reporting Network
Founded: 2010

Mission: To shine a light on the injustices and abuses of power — both corporate and governmental — within the food system as well as the real impact that industrial-scale food production and agriculture have on public health and the environment.

About the Organization: Founded in 2010, the nonprofit Food and Environment Reporting Network produces investigative reporting on food, agricultural, and environmental health issues. With the aim of explaining how food, agriculture, and environmental health impact Americans' everyday lives, the organization commissions articles, provides editorial oversight, and distributes the finished stories to mainstream publications.

Current Programs: Topics of interest to the New York City-based organization include the overuse of antibiotics, California foodways, nutrition and food access, farms and labor, toxins and pollution, climate change and drought, and oceans and freshwater, while its international reporting has explored Cuba's new farming model, examined violence against environmental activists in Malaysia, and looked at the hidden toll of World Bank-financed development in Indonesia. The organization's media partners include the American Prospect, The Atlantic, Fast Company, the Guardian, Harper's, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Pacific Standard, Slate, and the Washington Post.

Website: Visitors to the FERN site can browse all articles or articles by topic; check out infographics accompanying different articles; and/or read about the impact individual stories have had in terms of readership, domestic and international distribution, and influence in policy discussions. Visitors also can check out the organization's blog for highlights from the week's stories; sign up to receive the FERN newsletter; and/or subscribe to the Ag Insider for daily news and analysis focused on food, agriculture, and the environment. The site also has information for journalists who want to report for FERN, and for members of the public and funders who want to support the organization's work with a donation or gift.

Funding: The Food and Environment Reporting Network is funded by individuals and foundations, including The 11th Hour Project, the McKnight Foundation, the Fund for Nonprofit News at the Miami Foundation, the Woodcock Foundation, the California Endowment, the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation, the Loews Foundation, and the Nell Newman Foundation

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