Good Plus Foundation

Good Plus Foundation
Founded: 2001

Mission: To dismantle multi-generational poverty by pairing tangible goods with innovative services for low-income fathers, mothers, and caregivers, creating an upward trajectory for the whole family.

About the organization: Founded in 2001 by author Jessica Seinfeld, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the Good Plus Foundation (Good+) facilitates donations of baby food, diapers, wipes, cribs, strollers, and other necessities as an incentive for parents to enroll in anti-poverty programs focused on job training, GED attainment, anger management, healthy relationships, and trauma mitigation. With warehouses in New York City and Los Angeles, the organization has donated more than $50 million in baby items to date.

Current programs: The Good+Foundation provides donations through a national network of about seventy-five anti-poverty programs. In 2010, the organization expanded its programming to include a focus on fathers, who often are treated as non-essential actors in a child's well-being. An external evaluation has found that 93 percent of fathers receiving donations reported improved relationships with their children; 82 percent reported improved relationships with their children's mothers and/or other relatives; and 97 percent said the donations made them want to stay enrolled in the anti-poverty programs.  

The organization also partners with Ascend at the Aspen Institute to address outdated state-level child-support laws by advocating for right-sized payments, alternatives to punishments for non-compliance, and co-parenting support and services.

COVID-19 response:  In response to the pandemic, Good+ created a Crisis Fund that, since March 1, has distributed more than $4 million in baby food, diapers, and other essentials as well as $125,000 in emergency grants. While the organization has had to suspend the collection of product donations from individuals, it continues to accept products from corporate donors.

Website: Visitors to the Good+ website can watch a video highlighting the importance of the "father factor" in addressing multi-generational poverty; donate to the organization's Crisis Fund or Father Factor Fund; make a donation, start a fundraiser, or download a fundraising toolkitdonate goods through a registry or one of Good+'s sister organizations; and/or stage a virtual product or volunteer drive.

Funding: Good+ is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporations.

306 West 37th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10018

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