Grameen America

Grameen America
Founded: 2008

To help women who live in poverty build small businesses and create better lives for their families.

About the Organization:
Founded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus in 2008, Grameen America transforms communities and helps fight poverty in the United States by offering microloans, training, and other support to low-income women looking to start a small business. To date, the organization has made 39,900 microloans totaling $77.3 million to 15,250 women.

Current Programs:
Based on the microfinance model Yunus developed at Grameen Bank, the program invites women who are interested in starting a business to get together with four other women and apply to receive financial training. Each member of the group then opens a savings account, takes out a microloan of $1,500 to launch a small business in her respective community, and meets weekly with other group members and a Grameen America staffer to review loan and savings payments, receive additional financial education, and build her peer network. After they repay their initial microloans, and with continued peer support, the women become eligible to receive larger loans to invest in their businesses.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can explore how the organization's impact has grown via an interactive map that shows the cumulative number of women served and total amount invested nationally by year, as well as the number of women served, number of loans made, and total amount invested in each metropolitan area; catch up with the Grameen America blog; and/or sign up to receive the organization's newsletter. They can also browse a calendar of events, learn how to launch a fundraising campaign for their business, and/or make a donation.

Grameen America is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporations. 

Contact: Stephen A. Vogel, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (212) 735-4043


September 18, 2018