Heidelberg Project

Heidelberg Project
Founded: 1986

To inspire people to appreciate and use artistic expression to enrich their lives and improve the social and economic health of their communities.

About the Organization:
Two decades after witnessing the destruction of his neighborhood during the 1967 Detroit riots, Tyree Guyton launched the Heidelberg Project to improve the lives of his neighbors and his community through art. Guyton used objects found around his childhood home, including used shopping carts and automobile tires, to transform the abandoned houses and vacant lots local children walked by every day into an outdoor art environment. Today, his organization offers programs and hands-on workshops for students in the metro Detroit area.

Current Programs:
Designed for local students, Art, Community, and Environmental Education (ACE2) is the Heidelberg Project's signature program and includes an in-school presentation and workshop, an on-site field trip to the art environment created by Guyton, and a visit with Guyton at his studio. Four times a year, the organization showcases emerging artists between the ages of 18 and 35 through the Young Adults of Heidelberg project. In addition, the organization is working to transform its two-block art environment and headquarters into a Cultural Village that includes innovative small businesses built in partnership with the community and the House That Makes Sense, a community center to be constructed out of found materials that will provide art classes, an art gallery, a gift shop, and a library.

Web Site:
The Heidelberg Project site features a variety of resources for youth; a video about the project; an organizational timeline; photo gallery; and an online store. Visitors to the site will also find criteria and guidelines for the Emerging Artist Program, an FAQ, information about volunteering, a list of upcoming events, and links to the organization's social media profile pages on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Heidelberg Project receives support from foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Contact: Jenenne Whitfield, Executive Director
Phone: (313) 974-6894
Fax: (313) 974-6896