Inner-City Arts

Inner-City Arts
Founded: 1989

To bring the benefits of arts instruction to inner-city children and improve their chances to lead constructive and successful lives.

About the Organization:
Founded by local entrepreneur Irwin Jaeger and artist/teacher Bob Bates, Inner-City Arts got its start partnering with the Los Angeles Unified School District to give elementary school students hands-on instruction in the visual and performing arts. As it became evident that the organization's approach to arts education supported student gains in literacy and overall achievement, it created a number of programs designed to help classroom teachers bring the lessons of the studio to other academic disciplines. The organization also partners with local charter and parochial schools, the cultural community, and other service providers.

Current Programs:
Inner-City Arts aims to provide elementary, middle, and high school students — many living in Los Angeles' poorest neighborhoods — with the tools and skills they need to succeed. Taught by working artists, the organization's programs for children and youth include instruction in the visual arts, music, dance, drama, ceramics, digital photography, and animation during the school day, after school, on weekends, and at summer camp. Programs for educators feature the Inner-City Arts - Annenberg Professional Development Program, while its offerings for parents and families and the community include workshops and a free public performance series.

Web Site
Visitors to the site can learn about the organization's "Principles of Arts Education," which include a supportive environment for creative exploration, experiential learning, and non-judgmental critique; explore the various disciplines in which it offers instruction; and/or check out a calendar listing the dates and times of classes, performances, tours, and events. They also can sign up for the Inner-City Arts e-newsletter, learn more about supporting the organization by volunteering, donate art supplies from a wish list, and/or make a donation.

Inner-City Arts receives support from foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals.

Contact: Beth Tishler, Director of Education and Community Programs
720 Kohler St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: (213) 627-9621


June 12, 2018