Institute of International Education

Institute of International Education
Founded: 1919

Mission: To advance international education and access to education worldwide through scholarships, training, exchange and leadership programs; research and the facilitation of policy dialogue; and efforts to protect scholarship around the world.

About the Organization: IIE was established in the aftermath of World War I by Nobel Peace Prize winners Nicholas Murray Butler, Elihu Root, and Stephen Duggan, Sr., to foster greater understanding among nations through international education exchange. Today, from its central office opposite the United Nations, the organization collaborates with governments, foundations, and others to create study and training programs for students, educators, and professionals in more than a hundred and eighty countries. Worldwide, the organization boasts nineteen offices and affiliates, seven hundred staff, and more than fourteen thousand member institutions.

Current Programs: IIE administers more than two hundred programs serving over twenty thousand individuals a year. A handy program finder on the IIE website allows visitors to the site to identify programs by field of study (arts, educational and vocational training, humanities, social sciences, STEM, and other); program location (Americas, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, South and Central Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa);  participant type (student, scholars/faculty/administrators, and working professionals/teachers); and participant country/territory of origin. Students looking for scholarships can search for international opportunities, study abroad funding or programs (if they are from the U.S.), and intensive English programs.

Website: The organization’s website is organized into five categories. Who We Are includes press and event information, a decade-by-decade history of the organization, and an annual report section with reports back to 1920. What We Do covers the organization’s scholarship, fellowship, and training programs, as well as its international development efforts. Our Global Reach includes an interactive map of the regions, countries, and cities served by the organization. Research and Publications includes Open Doors, the organization’s data-sharing initiative; an ongoing tracking study of the Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships Program; and links for the organization’s research and evaluation services. The site also can be navigated using the main menu’s Gateways tab, which leads to portals for students; scholars, higher education faculty, and administrators; working professionals and teachers; alumni; and sponsors and partners. Site visitors also can sign up for the IIE Global News e-newsletter and/or make a donation.

Funding: The Institute for International Education receives just over half of its support from foreign governments and international organizations, with U.S. government agencies contributing about a third of its revenue and the rest coming from corporate and individual donations, investment returns, and other sources.

Contact: Sharon Witherell , Director, Public Affairs
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 984-5380