International Planned Parenthood Federation

International Planned Parenthood Federation
Founded: 1952

Mission: To lead a locally owned, globally connected civil society movement that provides and enables services and champions sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, especially the underserved.

About the Organization: Founded in 1952, the International Planned Parenthood Federation is one of the largest sexual and reproductive health organizations in the world, with a central office in London and regional offices in Africa (Nairobi, Kenya), the Arab World (Tunis, Tunisia), East and South East Asia and Oceania (Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia), Europe (Brussels, Belgium), South Asia (New Delhi, India), and the Western Hemisphere (New York, New York). The IPPF/Western Hemisphere Region office was established in 1954 and currently works with fifty partner organizations in forty countries across the Americas and the Caribbean to ensure sexual and reproductive rights for all, including universal access to high-quality sexual and reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education.

Current Programs: The organization's priority areas of focus are advocacy, access to services, reaching young people, safe and legal abortion, contraception, HIV/AIDS, and building stronger institutions. IPPF/WHR also provides technical assistance and support to partner organizations in the areas of program planning, sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, governance, and fundraising. Its initiatives include working with the United Nations to advocate for sexual and reproductive rights, empowering the next generation of leaders to ensure those rights, conducting public education campaigns with respect to safe abortion procedures, and fostering shared learning among its network members.

Every day in Latin America more than eleven thousand women risk their lives by having unsafe abortions. In 2015, IPPF's partner organizations helped bring about abortion-related policy changes in nineteen countries; provided access to a range of services, including contraception, breast and cervical cancer screening, HIV treatment, and safe abortion procedures; and averted more than two million unintended pregnancies. More than 70 percent of the recipients of these services were poor and underserved women.

Website: Visitors to the IPPF/WHR site can look up partner organizations in each country and read about their work; learn more about IPPF/WHR's projects; watch videos about reproductive health issues in the Americas and the Caribbean; browse publications such as fact sheets and tool kits by issue area; and/or keep abreast of reproductive health/rights issues via the organization's blog. They also can learn how to get involved in efforts to protect reproductive rights in the region by making a donation or other types of contributions.

Funding: The International Planned Parenthood Federation is funded by foundations, corporations, individuals, and government grants.

125 Maiden Lane, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10038-4730
Phone: (212) 248-6400

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