Founded: 2001

Mission: To enhance the potential of children by encouraging an understanding and love of math in students and teachers.

About the Organization: Founded in 2001 by award-winning Canadian playwright-turned-mathematician John Mighton, Toronto-based JUMP Math aims to foster numeracy in children and build their self-confidence through success in math. Based on the belief that anyone can learn and teach math, the organization works to reduce "math anxiety" in teachers and students, enhance math teachers' classroom skills, and help improve student performance. A registered Canadian charity that operates as a social enterprise, JUMP derives a major portion of its income from the sales of print/digital program and teacher professional development resources and reinvests that income to further its mission.

Current Programs: The organization provides rigorously designed grade-specific materials for grades 1 through 8. Through a process called "Guided Discovery," students discover and understand math concepts by working through challenges on their own while receiving guidance and support from their teacher, who gives students incrementally harder challenges and activities and provides immediate assessment and feedback. JUMP's Teachers' Guides include SMART Lesson Materials that include diagrams, sample problems, practice exercises, extensions, bonus questions, and a range of interactive features for each lesson, while the JUMP Math Teacher Support Site provides printable homework sheets and other teacher resources as well as an online community. The organization also provides professional development sessions and webinars designed show teachers how to use the JUMP Math curriculum.

Website: Visitors to the JUMP website can learn more about how the program works, read about the research behind it, check out an FAQ, and/or watch videos featuring JUMP students, teachers, and nonprofit practitioners. Educators can browse resources about a range of topics, including strategies for overcoming barriers to student engagement in math; register for a professional development webinar; and/or check out sample lessons. Visitors also can make an online donation to the organization.

Funding: JUMP Math is supported by foundations, corporations, and individuals and by income generated by the sales of its print and digital program resources.

One Yonge Street, Suite 1014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1E5
Phone: (888) 965-6284