MedShare International

MedShare International
Founded: 1998

To improve healthcare and the environment through the efficient recovery and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment to those most in need.

About the Organization:
MedShare collects bulk and individual medical supplies that still have value but are no longer in demand in the United States and redistributes them to underresourced healthcare facilities in economically developing countries. Since its inception, Medshare has collected and distributed more than $60 million worth of medical supplies and equipment. In 2008, the organization expanded its operations, opening a new facility in San Francisco.

Current Programs:
MedShare's ordering system allows underserved healthcare institutions abroad to request medical supplies and equipment online. The donated materials are processed and either shipped to applicant institutions or delivered by visiting medical mission teams. In 2007, MedShare increased the number of products it provides and began shipping stainless steel instruments. It also expanded a program that provides biomedical equipment repair to Colombia and Honduras as a way of giving hospitals in those countries the means to operate donated equipment effectively.

Web Site:
The MedShare Web site features news, videos, and photo albums. Visitors to the site can also sign up for a monthly e-newsletter, make a donation, or volunteer. In addition, the site provides an archive of the organization's Global Partner newsletter as well as recent annual reports.

In addition to corporate and private funding, MedShare receives supplies, biomedical equipment, and hospital furniture from hundreds of hospitals, clinics, manufacturers, and distributors.

Contact: A.B. Short, Co-Founder and CEO
Phone: (770) 323-5858
Fax: (770) 323-4301

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