National Hispanic Institute

National Hispanic Institute
Founded: 1979

Mission: To create experiences that engage high-achieving high school- and college-age Latino youth in community leadership roles.

About the Organization: Founded in 1979, the National Hispanic Institute works to foster future leaders of the Latino community in the United States and Latin America by engaging promising students in rigorous learning experiences that stimulate their imagination, develop their skills and competencies, broaden their knowledge of Latino culture, and inspire a life-long commitment to community leadership.

Current Programs: NHI offers students with a solid record of academic performance and extracurricular activity a continuum of leadership opportunities over eight years, from ninth grade through college. Residential programs include the Great Debate for high school freshmen, through which students develop critical thinking and communication skills; the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session, a youth government project for sophomores and juniors; and the Collegiate World Series for seniors applying to college and transitioning to independent adult life.

The institute also shares academic summaries of high school seniors with up to a hundred colleges and universities actively seeking to enroll bright Latino students; 98 percent of those seniors end up attending college, with 90 percent matriculating at four-year institutions and 90 percent graduating within five years. The Collegiate Leadership Network provides undergraduates with opportunities to mentor high school youth and learn about social entrepreneurship. And the John F. Lopez Fellowship funds internships through which youth gain experiences that expose them to the skills and capabilities required for future leadership roles.

Website: Visitors to the NHI site can read about the institute's pedagogical approach, learn more about the organization's programs, or browse a register of four-year institutions that conduct outreach to NHI high school seniors. Teachers, counselors, and administrators can learn about NHI's outreach and recruitment and the process of nominating a student to participate in its programs, while interested students can apply online. Visitors also can learn how to support the organization.

Funding: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is funded by foundations, corporations, and individuals.

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May 28, 2019