National Priorities Project

National Priorities Project
Founded: 1983

Current Programs:
The State of the States: This annual report is released early in the federal budget process and is used extensively by local advocacy groups, the media, national policy organizations, and Congress itself.

Specialized Reports: Every year, NPP focuses on an important social issue. This past year, the organization produced a report in collaboration with National Peoples' Action (a coalition of neighborhood organizations) and Rebuild America's Schools (a coalition of PTAs, unions, and school boards) on the overcrowding and deterioration of our nation's public schools.

Tracking Legislation for Grassroots Organizations: During the annual budget debates in Congress, NPP publishes the NPP Bulletin, an electronic newsletter, which covers such topics as military spending projects, housing, and education cuts.

Congressional District Database: With seed money from the Ford and Colombe foundations, NPP has embarked on a multi-year project to create a congressional district database, the purpose of which will be to enable citizens to understand how federal tax dollars are channeled to their congressional districts.

Recent Successes:
In 2000, NPP published a report in conjunction with National People's Action on the deterioration of our nation's public schools. The report was instrumental in the passage of increased federal funding for schools.

Web Site:
The NPP Web site ( provides detailed information about the organization, as well as federal funding data and budget information.

Funding Needs:
Efforts to change the priorities of the federal budget to meet critical social needs is a continuing challenge. NPP's funding needs range from as little as $100 to help it reach new community-based groups, to multi-year gifts to support its Congressional District Database effort. In addition, donations of office equipment are always welcomed.

Contact: Greg L. Speeter, Executive Director
Phone: 413.584.9556
Fax: 413.586.9647

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