One Warm Coat

One Warm Coat
Founded: 1992

Mission: To provide anyone in need with a warm coat, free of charge, and encourage donations of gently worn and new coats.

About the Organization: Since its founding, One Warm Coat, which grew out of a single coat drive in San Francisco in 1992,  has provided four million people with a new or gently used coat. The organization supports coat drives sponsored by individuals, nonprofits, and companies nationwide by providing — free of charge — organizing tips, promotional material, and referrals to social service agencies, which, in turn, distribute the coats to people in need. Social service agencies interested in serving as a distributor for coats can register on the One Warm Coat website. Volunteers provide administrative and other support.

Current Programs:  The organization’s coast-to-coast challenge, in effect the last three months of each year, encourages companies with more than one location to host competing coat drives. Employees in each location collect coats and monetary donations using a donation box and other materials, while One Warm Coat provides a leaderboard to encourage competition and a nonprofit partner of the company’s choice manages delivery of the coats to people in need. The I Gave Warmth program allows individuals who supported the organization in one of any number  of ways — through the donation of a coat, cash gift,  volunteering at a drive, or even sharing information/updates on social media — to enter one of three drawings for a gift, with drawings in November, December, and January.

Website: The site’s you can help page provides opportunities for coat drive workers and volunteers, as well as an interactive map for anyone who wants to donate a coat to an existing drive. One Warm Coat’s mobile-friendly hold a coat drive page breaks down the process into six easy steps, while a spread the word page provides graphics, a press release template, and social media materials for people running a drive or wishing to support the organization in other ways. Visitors to the site can also make a donation.

Funding: One Warm Coat is supported by a variety of philanthropic, corporate, and individual donors.

2443 Fillmore St. #380-5363
San Francisco, California 94115
Phone: (877) 663-9276


June 26, 2018