Phoenix House

Phoenix House
Founded: 1967

To protect and support individuals, families, and communities affected by substance abuse and dependency.

About the Organization:
Phoenix House began in 1967 as a community of former heroin addicts living together to help one another stay sober. Since becoming an independent nonprofit organization in 1972, it has grown and become a leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention services, operating more than a hundred and twenty programs in eleven states. The organization focuses on the distinct needs of every client; embraces a holistic approach that addresses mental, physical, and social health; innovates best-in-class prevention, treatment, and recovery programs; and works to promote greater understanding of addiction.

Current Programs:
Phoenix House currently serves more than six thousand men, women, and adolescents nationwide, working with teenagers at risk, supporting clients in recovery, and offering a wide range of treatment options. Services and programs include assessment and evaluation, detoxification, outpatient and residential programs, sober living residences, afterschool and day programs for teens, case management, women's services, and mental health services, as well as arts therapyand vocational training. In addition, eleven residential high schools called Phoenix House Academies help students make up for school time lost to drugs and regain opportunities for higher education and careers.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can learn how to get help for themselves, a teenager, or a loved one; find Phoenix House facilities in their state; or browse "true stories" from individuals who found their way to recovery at Phoenix House. They also can sign up for the organization's newsletter or learn more about supporting the organization.

Phoenix House receives funding from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies. 

Contact: Howard Meitiner, President and CEO
Phone: (800) 286-5027

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