Pink Fund

Pink Fund
Founded: 2006

Mission: To provide financial support to help breast cancer patients in active treatment meet their basic needs, lower their stress levels, and focus on healing. 

About the Organization: Founded by breast cancer survivor Molly MacDonald — who experienced catastrophic financial losses and struggled to make COBRA health insurance payments and feed her family while in treatment for her cancer — the Pink Fund provides non-medical financial aid to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and/or a surgical procedure. Since it was founded in 2006, the organization has awarded more than $3.4 million to help cover the bills of breast cancer patients in active treatment.

Current Programs: The organization's grant program covers expenses such as health insurance, housing, transportation, and utilities for ninety days for patients who are in active treatment and whose household income is 500 percent of the federal poverty level or less. According to the organization, financial pressures stemming from treatment for cancer and the attendant emotional, mental, and physically debilitating side effects often are associated with sub-par care, a lower quality of life, and a greater risk of death. The program aims to mitigate the "financial toxicity" of cancer treatment and improve both health and financial outcomes for breast cancer patients. 

COVID-19 Response: In the months since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, the organization has conducted a survey of more than three hundred and fifty breast cancer patients in active treatment and found that 100 percent of respondents are currently unable to work, including those who have been laid off because of the public health emergency (21 percent) or because their employers are worried they may be immunocompromised (16 percent), as well as those no longer working because they are concerned about contracting the virus while in active treatment (47 percent). The survey also found that nearly eight in ten (78 percent) respondents were concerned about the financial impact of not being able to work and the possibility of not completing their treatment as prescribed. To meet the increased demand for financial support and mitigate the already onerous financial burden of cancer treatment, the organization has launched the Pink Fund COVID-19 – Real Help Now Fund, with 100 percent of donations to the fund going to help pay the bills of breast cancer patients and survivors.  

Website: Visitors to the Pink Fund website can learn more about the financial toxicity of cancer treatment, read testimonials from cancer patients and survivors helped by the fund, find out how to get involved, and/or donate to the Pink Fund COVID-19 – Real Help Now Fund. Those with a breast cancer treatment plan can also apply for a grant or take the COVID-19 & Breast Cancer Survey.

Funding: The Pink Fund is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporations. 

P.O. Box 603
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Phone: (877) 234-PINK (7465)

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