Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation
Founded: 2003

To raise poetry to a more visible and influential position in American culture.

About the Organization:
Established in 2003 with a gift from philanthropist Ruth Lilly, the Poetry Foundation works to foster a more receptive climate for poetry in the United States by developing new audiences, creating new avenues for delivery, and encouraging the writing and criticism of new kinds of poetry. In the long term, the organization hopes to alter the perception that poetry is a marginal art and make the art form more relevant to the American public.

Current Programs:
As part of its ongoing efforts to bring quality poetry to the largest possible audience, the Poetry Foundation publishes the highly regarded Poetry magazine, which it has endowed to exist in perpetuity. First published in 1912, the magazine features the work of established and emerging poets as well as a wide range of styles and forms. The organization also sponsors the Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute and the Poetry Out Loud poetry recitation contest; awards a number of fellowships, including the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize; and offers several poetry programs for children.

Web Site:
The Poetry Foundation Web site provides access to a large archive of audio files, including poetry readings and podcasts; a blog; poetry-related videos and photos; and information on recently published books of poems and about poetry. The site also contains a list of outside resources, reading guides, and a poetry tool that enables users to browse poems by author, category, occasion, glossary terms, and first line.

The Poetry Foundation receives income from Poetry magazine as well as contributions from individuals and foundations.

Contact: John Barr, President
Phone: (312) 787-7070
Fax: (312) 787-6650