Reading League

Reading League
Founded: 2016

Mission: To advance public awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-based reading instruction. 

About the Organization: Literacy rates in the United States remain unacceptably low despite decades of research and standards-based reform efforts. At the same time, the gap between research and practice is well established in the professional literature on reading instruction. The Syracuse-based Reading League works to build public awareness of the scientific evidence effective reading instruction and support educators in implementing instructional practices that align with the evidence base. To that end, the organization offers professional development experiences for educators and partners with schools and districts to disseminate research findings about approaches to literacy instruction. 

Current Programs: The organization's program offerings include bimonthly live events and annual conferences featuring reading experts who help educators leverage existing research to improve and refine their literacy instruction. (The events also can be accessed via the Reading League YouTube channel.) In addition, the organization compiles a Knowledge Base of professional learning resources, including books, professional development videos, and research reports, and, through partnerships with schools and districts, provides custom-tailored professional development experiences and school-based coaching.

Alliance partners include the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction, Five From Five, Educational Solutions CNY, the John Corcoran Foundation, the New York Association of School Psychologists, Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction, Everyone READING, and the San Diego Council on Literacy.

Website: Visitors to the Reading League site can learn more about the problem of low literacy and the research-to-practice gap; browse the Knowledge Base; check out an FAQ; register to receive information about upcoming events; and/or become a member

Funding: The Reading League is supported by individuals, foundations, corporations, and program revenue. 

4031 Howlett Hill Road
Syracuse, NY 13215