Founded: 1990

To create jobs and pathways to employment for people facing the greatest barriers to work.

About the Organization:
REDF (formerly the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) is a venture philanthropy organization that provides funding and business assistance to nonprofits employing young people who are disconnected from school and work as well as adults who are struggling to overcome histories of homelessness, mental illness, addiction, incarceration, chronic poverty, or joblessness. The organization aims to build bridges between for-profit companies, nonprofits, socially focused capital markets, and government agencies to create more durable job opportunities and entry points to the workforce.

Current Programs:
The nonprofits in REDF's portfolio are recent start-ups or running revenue-generating businesses that employ individuals who are most disconnected from the workforce. To help the groups succeed, REDF offers them business assistance, access to networks, and financial support over several years. The organization also continues to work with its past portfolio members, providing occasional targeted funding, networking, and issue-specific conferences, while facilitating partnerships with the nonprofits in its portfolio, helping companies hire social enterprise graduates, and sharing what it has learned with others in the fields of venture philanthropy and social enterprise. In addition, REDF's Farber Program offers fellowships and internships to MBA students and graduates who want to be social change leaders.

Web Site:
The REDF Web site offers a library of publications, tools, podcasts, and Webinars on topics relevant to the organization's work; a directory of related organizations; and a blog written by REDF president Carla Javits. Registered users can also post publications and tools to the site.

REDF receives funding from individuals, private and corporate foundations, and for-profit companies.

Contact: Carla Javits, President
Phone: (415) 561-6677
Fax: (415) 561-6685