Safe America Foundation

Safe America Foundation
Founded: 1992

To advance the many issues of safety at home, work, and in leisure activities through the distribution of safety products and educational programming.

About the Organization:
Since its inception, the Safe America Foundation has partnered with corporate foundations and state governments on initiatives such as the Baby Buckle Program, which provided discounted car seats in twenty states. The organization also works with companies and other groups to create meaningful educational initiatives, including media campaigns, that encourage adults and youth to modify harmful behaviors and ensure their life-long wellness.

Current Programs:
The organization provides programs around child and family safety, cybersafety, teen driving, phone safety, and international travel. In addition, earlier this year it launched, a Web site dedicated to informing teens about safe driving. The organization also offers programs designed to help people prepare for natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Web Site:
Safe America's site offers a variety of health, home, and outdoor safety tips, as well as information about its Safest Kid in America competition.

The Safe America Foundation receives funding from corporations and corporate foundations as well as individuals and raises additional revenue through the sale of safety products.

Contact: Lee Pagano, President and CEO
Phone: 770-973-safe (7233)
Fax: (770) 971-9996