Skin Cancer Foundation

Skin Cancer Foundation
Founded: 1980

To increase public and professional awareness about the prevention, detection, and treatment of skin cancer.

About the Organization:
The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only international organization concerned exclusively with the world's most common malignancy, cancer of the skin. Its educational materials are used by physicians, other healthcare professionals, and the general public to increase awareness of the disease and draw attention to sun protection and the importance of skin self-examination, educating children, understanding melanoma, continuing medical education, and international action. The foundation awards research grants.

Current Programs:
The organization's Seal of Recommendation is awarded to sunscreen products that have met stringent criteria for safety and effectiveness. Its Corporate Leadership Council is made up of companies who support and counsel with it to develop effective strategies. The Corporate Council is composed of companies that want to be identified with the foundation's mission and programs; many sponsor specific projects. The Cosmetic Industry Board partners with cosmetic organizations to promote sun-safe products and activities. Each of the initiatives is supported by special events and publications throughout the year.

International outreach is spearheaded by the International Advisory Council, with fifty-five members in twenty-three countries. Council members serve as advisors to, and representatives on, the newly-formed International Alliance Against Skin Cancer, a worldwide coalition of health organizations, medical institutions, and professional societies whose goals are to urge public health officials around the world to place skin cancer education high on their agendas; to foster partnerships among the media, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, public health organizations, and educators; and to sponsor conferences. The International Alliance Against Skin Cancer (16 pages, PDF), a foundation newsletter, surveys public education programs and features reports by International Advisory Council members.

Web Site:
The Skin Cancer Foundation Web site provides information about self-examination, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (the most common skin cancer), pre-cancerous conditions, protecting children and older adults from the sun, and high risks for outdoor workers. It also supplies tips on sun safety, tanning beds, and sunless tanning.

The majority of the organization's funding comes from membership in the Inner Circle, whose members pledge $30 to $25,000 or more, depending on membership level, and the Dr. Rex and Johnnie Amonette Circle, whose members pledge $25,000 over their lifetimes.

Contact: Mary Stine, Executive Director
Phone: 212) 725-5176 or (800) 754-6490
Fax: (212) 725-5751