T. K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability

T. K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability
Founded: 1996

The mission of the T. K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability is to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to continually benefit from technological solutions and advances in the field of assistive technology.

The T. K. Martin Center was established in 1996 through an establishment grant with the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services. The original mission of the Center was to provide assistive technology evaluations for individuals with disabilities being served by Mississippi's Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living programs. Because all persons with disabilities can benefit from assistive technology, the mission of the Center has evolved to include service to persons of all ages and all disabilities from throughout the United States.

The Center now operates on a contract and fee-for-service basis with many agencies and organizations such as MDRS, The Department of Health/Early Intervention, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Vocational Rehabilitation Program, school districts, insurance companies, Workers Compensation, as well as with private individuals. The Center has clinical staff, comprised of engineers and therapists, who specialize in all areas of assistive technology including seating and mobility, adaptive driving, vehicle modifications, augmentative and alternative communication, adaptive computer access, home modifications, job-site modifications, agricultural accommodations, and AT for auditory and visual impairments, brain trauma, and learning disabilities.

Current Programs:
Camp Jabber Jaw — Camp Jabber Jaw is an annual event now in the fourth year. It is a fun, age appropriate learning environment for children ages 6-21 who utilize augmentative communication devices. Children and their families have the opportunity to interact with others who use communication devices in a "summer camp" atmosphere. While all aspects of camp are therapeutic, the campers and families enjoy typical activities such as horseback riding, swimming, and picnicking. Camp Jabber Jaw operates totally on donations and volunteers.

Christmas in July — Children with disabilities are often unable to use and enjoy their toys. The Center is hosting "Christmas in July," an interactive open day to allow parents to explore the opportunities simple modifications to toys can offer. This community service is offered at no cost to parents. The T. K. Martin Center staff will make modifications to toys beginning July 25 and assist parents in toy modifications until Christmas.

Project IMPACT — Project IMPACT provides trans-disciplinary, play-based assessments and intervention for infants and toddlers from birth to three. These children must have specific medical diagnoses or developmental delays to qualify for services.

Greenwood Project — Grant awarded by the Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities. The T. K. Martin Center staff and engineering students provide evaluations and fabrication for clients in a sheltered employment setting with the goal of community employment.

Web Site:
The The T. K. Martin Center's Web site offers information about the Center and available services.

Funding Needs:
At present, the core activities of the T. K. Martin Center are funded through contracts with government agencies and other organizations. Donations to the Center are used to support these programs and enhance the work of the Center by ensuring the services provided are available to those who fall outside the established referring agencies. Donations are used to ensure that those who can benefit from technology are able to regardless of their social and economic status. Donations are also used to support non-traditional activities, not supported by these agencies, such as Camp Jabber Jaw and Christmas in July.

Contact: Janie Cirlot-New, Director
Phone: (662) 325-1028
Fax: (662) 325-0896

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