Veterans for America

Veterans for America
Founded: 1980

To advance policy and elevate public discourse on the causes, conduct, and consequences of war, and to unite the new generation of veterans with those from past wars to address the needs of veterans, service members and their families, and the larger concerns about the impact of war.

About the Organization:
Veterans for America has evolved from the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, founded in 1980 by veterans Bobby Muller and John Terzano, after a 2002 merger with Veterans for Common Sense. Renamed earlier this year, VFA is an advocacy and humanitarian organization that works with its affiliate group, the Justice Project to engage the American public in support of policies addressing the needs of veterans, those currently in the armed services, and victims of war overseas, and to develop initiatives to make the world more secure. Building on the successful campaign models of both the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and the Justice Project, VFA utilizes multiple strategies, including legislative efforts, public education, news gathering, coalition building, and The American Veterans' and Service Members' Survival Guide, to advance policy and public discourse around the causes, conduct, and consequences of war.

Current Programs:
VFA's Information Management and Mine Action Program (iMMAP) seeks to achieve international consensus on the effective approaches to the global landmine problem. Currently, there are iMMAP projects in the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. VFA's Campaign for a Landmine Free World raises awareness about the suffering and devastation caused by landmines by advocating for a global ban on antipersonnel landmines, and the organization was recognized for its efforts along with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. VFA also implements Post-Conflict Rehabilitation Programs in Cambodia and Vietnam and has supported rehabilitation and disability programs throughout Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Established in November 2005, the Returnee Integration Support Program is an initiative of VFA (known in Cambodia as Veterans International) that helps Cambodian refugees readjust to Cambodia's lifestyle and culture. The Nuclear Threat Reduction Campaign is pursuing realistic and effective steps to reduce the threats associated with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. VFA's latest project, the W Campaign, works to bridge the gap between veterans, Congress, and the American public regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Web Site:
VFA's site features a Legislation & Actions page that enables users to take action on war and veterans issues, share information on a wiki-based resource guide, and a blog off the main site as well as a community blog.

VFA receives support from foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

Contact: Bobby Muller, President
Phone: (202) 483-9222
Fax: (202) 483-9312