White Bison

White Bison
Founded: 1988

To assist in bringing Native American communities into healing and to facilitate the "Wellbriety Movement," which provides culturally based healing to the next seven generations of indigenous people.

About the Organization:
Founded in 1988, White Bison offers resources to support sobriety, recovery, addiction prevention, youth counseling, and wellness/Wellbriety learning — which teaches that individuals must find sobriety from addictions and go beyond recovery by committing to a life of wellness and healing every day, including from the Native American experience of historical trauma — to indigenous communities nationwide. The organization provides Wellbriety resources and hosts Wellbriety conferences and coalitions, specialized community training events, and grassroots Firestarters circles of recovery groups across the nation. Many non-Native people also use White Bison's resources, attend its learning circles, and volunteer their services.

Current Programs:
White Bison offers Wellbriety training and certification for addiction treatment centers through the Wellbriety Training Institute, partners with the California-based University of the Pacific to offer a seven-month Wellbriety certificate program for substance abuse and addiction counselors, and promotes National Recovery Month.

In January 2013, White Bison set up a Wellbriety Movement Advocacy Office in the Washington, D.C., area, with the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. The office will advocate for adding its methods as culturally relevant best practices in programs to prevent and address addictions, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other issues, as well as for a public national apology from the White House for the government's role in genocide tactics and boarding schools practices. In addition, the office will re-launch the National Association for Native American Children of Alcoholics to help heal intergenerational trauma, childhood trauma, and co-dependency issues that many Native Americans still suffer from today.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can access learn about featured Wellbriety-certified treatment centers or watch videos about the Wellbriety Movement or about White Bison's efforts to help heal the historical trauma stemming from the government's policy, starting in 1879, to force Native American children into boarding schools to assimilate them. Users also can read its blog for updates, contemplate the daily "Elder's Meditation," check the calendar for upcoming events and training sessions, or support the organization by making a donation.

White Bison is supported by individuals, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.

Contact: Don Coyhis, President
Phone: (877) 871-1495 or 719-548-1000