Women Make Movies

Women Make Movies
Founded: 1972

To address the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry.

About the Organization:
Women Make Movies (WMM), a nonprofit media arts organization, is the largest distributor of independent films by and about women in the world. Films are distributed primarily for educational use through a tiered pricing system; large nonprofits and universities, which are able to draw large audiences, pay standard film industry rates, while smaller groups such as prisons, Native American tribes, battered women's shelters, and self-help groups pay a reduced price. K-12 schools, public libraries, and select community-based advocacy groups receive discounts of up to 75 percent.

Current Programs:
The organization's primary initiative is its Distribution Service, which makes more than five hundred films by more than four hundred women artists from more than thirty countries available to various organizations and institutions. Through the service, WMM has returned more than $1.5 million in royalty payments to women producers over the last three years. Through its Production Assistance Program, WMM has sponsored more than two hundred projects and helped filmmakers raise close to $4 million in funding over the last five years. And the organization's Media Workshop Series, held annually in the spring and fall, provides women filmmakers with practical information about the business of video- and filmmaking.

Web Site:
The WMM site features a catalog of all the films the organization distributes, a 2007 catalog supplement (21 pages, PDF), special offers, special collections, and new releases. An advanced search of the database allows users to look for films by title, country of origin, format, year, or festivals in which they were screened. The site also provides pricing information, along with resources for filmmakers and educators, film facts, and a calendar of upcoming public screenings.

Earned income from WMM's distribution service provides 85 percent of the organization's operating budget, including support for its service and educational components. Additional funding comes from corporate and private foundations and government agencies.

Contact: Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director
Phone: (212) 925-0606
Fax: (212) 925-2052