Workforce Opportunity Services

Workforce Opportunity Services
Founded: 2005

Mission: To develop the skills of untapped talent from underserved and veteran communities.

About the Organization: Founded in 2005, Workforce Opportunity Services works to help individuals move from economic need to financial independence and long-lasting professional success and help companies cultivate diverse and inclusive workplaces. Using a science-based model derived from research conducted at Columbia University by WOS founder Art Langer, WOS has served nearly four thousand individuals to date through partnerships with more than sixty-five corporations. 

Current Programs: The organization's services include developing customized programs based on partner organizations' needs; providing expertise in recruiting and screening applicants; developing hard and soft skills training curricula; providing dedicated hands-on support and mentorship; and developing national and international partnerships. Through its Talent Acquisition Pipeline (TAP), WOS recruits, educates, and trains underserved young adults and post-9/11 military veterans for career opportunities at partner organizations, while the On Demand program sources fully vetted candidates from those communities to meet partner organizations' workforce needs. The organization's Managed Services program provides outsourced technical and product support such as call center and helpdesk support, cybersecurity monitoring, and quality assurance on- or off-site, enabling companies to focus on their core business, while its Advisory Services unit helps corporations successfully integrate diverse early-career talent into their workforce. And through its "In the Community" program, WOS offers workshops on topics such as job-searching and interviewing techniques, navigating career changes, critical thinking, and financial management. The organization recently expanded "In the Community" with the addition of Smart Cities, an initiative designed to ensure that the digital revolution does not create additional unemployment in underserved communities. To that end, the organization is partnering with middle schools and high schools to expose students to a STEM-based curricula as well as provide support for adults looking to become more digitally proficient.

Website: Visitors to the Workforce Opportunity Services site can learn more about the organization's history and its approach to making job training programs more accessible for those in underserved communities, or check the organization's blog to keep up with developments in the field. In addition, young adults and post-9/11 military veterans can browse current programs for open positions or join the WOS Digital Community, an online platform dedicated to their professional growth and success, while potential partner organizations can search for candidates through the WOS Digital database.

Funding: Workforce Opportunity Services is funded by program fees and grants. 

475 Riverside Drive Suite 1350
New York, NY 10115
Phone: (212) 870-2260

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