AirVisual Map

AirVisual Map

Mission: To raise awareness of air pollution as a global problem that requires global solutions.

Background: AirVisual provides free access to the world's largest air quality database and ranks the world's cities according to an Air Quality Index (AQI). Founded in 2015 in the belief that the dangers of air pollution will remain invisible without good air-quality data, and that data enables action, the AirVisual Map (and app) uses artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to deliver that data in a user-friendly way. The site (and app) also provide a seven-day pollution forecast for mapped locations, the first such forecasting tool of its kind. 

Outstanding Web Features: The AirVisual Map is an offshoot of the IQAir's AirVisual Earth 3D air-pollution map, which shows the interaction of ambient particulate matter (PM2.5) levels and global weather patterns. Visitors to the site can drill down to real-time air pollution and current weather forecast data by location, or do a keyword search for a specific location. Pollution levels at a given location are indicated as both a number score and a color code: Good (green); Moderate (yellow); Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (orange); Unhealthy (red); Very Unhealthy (purple); and Hazardous (taupe). After drilling down to or plugging in a location, visitors are presented with a pop-up box that gives the location's score as it relates to its position on the Air Quality Index. Visitors also have the option to toggle between map and satellite views of the regions/countries they are exploring, and to toggle on/off real-time wind patterns. (A neat feature.) Also available for each location are seven-day air quality and weather forecasts, air pollutant and historical weather data, and a real-time air quality and pollution city ranking.

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