Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation

The mission of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation is to boost public awareness, appreciation, and understanding of promising achievements in medical science in order to increase public support for research. The foundation rests on the belief that only scientific investigation, and knowledge of basic human biology and disease processes are the most reliable, efficient means by which to achieve prolongation of life and reduction in human suffering.

Purpose of Site:
To disseminate information about the foundation's programs, history, and resources for grantseekers.

The Albert and Mary Foundation was established in 1942 with a mission that was novel at the time: to encourage federal financial support for biomedical research in the United States. Albert Lasker said that the foundation should provide seed money for research projects, then stimulate the federal government to continue the efforts. The foundation also created a venue for educating the public about the many benefits of research for human health.

Home Page:
The Lasker Foundation's attractive and well-designed Web site is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the foundation and its grantmaking procedures. The site offers background information about the foundation, detailed descriptions and procedures of its programs and funding priorities, a media resource center, and an excellent resource page of reference sites.

Outstanding Feature:
The Lasker Policy Gateway is a comprehensive guide to Internet sites with reliable information on the scientific, political, and economic policy issues related to support for biomedical research. It focuses on important organizational players in the national debate, sites with substantive information and links for further research, and the key government agencies and offices. For policy makers, opinion leaders, science writers and columnists, advocacy groups, research funders and administrators, and government staff, this is the place to start for quick access to the facts, ideas, and resources you need.

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