To transform social activism in the United States and around the globe by serving as a central platform that connects like-minded people, whatever their interests, and enables them to exchange information, share ideas, and collectively act to address the issues they care about.

Background: is a social network for hundreds of social causes and over one million nonprofit organizations. Conceived by Ben Rattray in the summer of 2005, the site was launched in February 2007 with the intention of fundamentally changing the way people engage in social issues. One way that sets out to accomplish this goal is by connecting grassroots networks to the many nonprofit organizations that are working to advance worthy causes around the world. also helps to facilitate dialogue and collaboration by creating a social network around each nonprofit, thereby allowing people to post ideas and suggestions, engage in direct dialogue, post videos, and organize communities of donors, volunteer events, and rallies.

Outstanding Web Features: marries the latest and greatest Web 2.0 tools with a decidely earnest approach to making the world a better place. The site's various "channels" include a changes channel, which offers an impressive array of causes, from ending the crisis in Darfur to eliminating global poverty; a people channel, which links site members to the most active people on the site as well as their friends and the causes they are passionate about; a nonprofits channel, which hosts tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations committed to social justice causes; a giving channel, where visitors to the site can make a donation directly to a nonprofit of their choosing; and an actions channel, where site members post information about specific events or actions related to particular causes and issues. The site also offers ideas for change, as well as community blogs and a virtual tour.

Founder: Ben Rattray
Main Office:
709 Douglass Street
San Francisco, California 94114
Tel: (202) 253-1288
Tel: (415) 520-6429


January 15, 2020