City Innovation

City Innovation

Mission: To illustrate how municipalities can enhance their ability to use innovation to deliver better results for their residents.

Background: Based on a survey of more than eighty cities worldwide, the Cities Innovation website (and accompanying report) is focused on the idea that cities' ability to foster innovation in their activities depends on bold leadership, dedicated staff with the right skills, and a strong focus on data-driven measurement. (For the purposes of the site, "innovation" is defined as a new or improved product or process that differs significantly from previous products or processes and that has been made available to potential users.) Developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the site explores some of the factors driving innovation at the municipal level, including global megatrends such as climate change and workforce automation, the need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and a growing focus on social inclusion. 

Outstanding Web Features: The site's main feature, an interactive map, is organized into four broad categories — policy area, innovation roleinnovation activity, and population size — and is further indexed by five "factors" of innovation: staffing, leadership and staffing, data use and capacity, resources and funding, and outcomes. Visitors to the site can drill down on the map by continent/country/region; browse a list of all participating cities or search by individual city; download individual city profiles in .pdf format as well as the complete report; and/or showcase their own city's innovation efforts by adding it to the map. The site also provides information about the methodology behind the report.

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