Climate Action Tracker

Climate Action Tracker

Mission: To track progress made toward the globally agreed aim of holding global warming below 2°C.

Background: The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is an independent scientific analysis produced by Climate Analytics, a nonprofit climate science and policy institute based in Berlin; the NewClimate Institute, a nonprofit that supports research and the implementation of climate change action; and Ecofys, a leading international energy and climate consultancy. CAT quantifies and evaluates climate change mitigation commitments, assesses whether countries are on track to meeting their commitments, and aggregates country actions to arrive at a likely global temperature increase by the end of the century. To that end, CAT tracks the emissions of thirty-two countries accounting for approximately 80 percent of global emissions; the impact of current policies on emissions; the impact of pledges, targets, and nationally determined contributions (I)NDCs; and the "fair share" and "comparability" of effort (i.e., whether a government is doing its fair share to limit warming consistent with the Paris Agreement compared with others).

Outstanding Web Features: Visitors to the site can explore (and download data related to) 2100 global warming projections, learn more about the science behind CAT's median warming projections, and review CAT projections and resulting emissions gaps in meeting the Paris Agreement's temperature goals. Visitors to the site can also explore data related to their own country, including a summary of its standing with respect to Paris Agreement and other policy commitments, which pledges and targets have been announced and met, what its "fair share" range is, and assumptions that can be inferred from existing data. The site also provides information about the CAT rating system and methodology; a data portal that allows visitors to compare policies, pledges, and other indicators across countries; and a list of sources and publications, including an informative overview of the overall progress made since the Paris agreement.

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