Mission: To expand access to computer science in schools and increase participation in computing and computer science by women and underrepresented minorities.

Background: was launched in 2013 by brothers Hadi and Ali Partovi with a video that promoted computer science. In short order, the video became the most-watched video on YouTube for a day and resulted in fifteen thousand schools reaching out to the brothers for help. The organization's philosophy centers on the belief that a quality computer science education should be available to every child, not just the lucky few. To that end, the organization works across the education spectrum, designing its own courses or partnering with others, training teachers, partnering with large school districts, working to change government policies, and challenging the stereotypes that persist in the computing and CS field, with a focus on making sure that diversity in the field is honored and promoted. All curriculum resources and tutorials on the site are and will always be free under a Creative Commons license, and courses are translated in multiple languages to facilitate their use worldwide.

Outstanding Web Features: The site is organized into three primary modules. Under the Learning tab, visitors can browse a catalog of courses from Code Studio and third-party partners; check out a number of one-hour coding tutorials designed for all ages; and/or search for a local afterschool CS program, summer camp, or school in their area. Under the Teach tab, visitors can view recommended course by grade level; improve their knowledge of coding through a series of professional learning programs; and/or learn more about how they can partner with to introduce CS instruction in their school or district. And under the Projects tab, visitors can use the site's App Lab and Game Lab to create apps, animations, and games in JavaScrip; start a project of their own; and save their progress and project. Visitors can also view a stats page with more information about the state of computer science in the U.S.; download a handy widget that can be used as part of a call to action to introduce computer science into their school or districts; view a list of the organization's partners; and support the organization by spreading the word and/or making a donation.
Main Office:
1501 4th Ave, Suite 900
Seattle, Washington 98101
Location: national