Mission: To provide development professionals with information that can assist them with the planning and monitoring of their activities.

Background: A growing number of United Nations Development Group (UNDG) members and observers are publishing their data and joining the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). A voluntary, multi-stakeholder effort to improve the transparency of aid, development, and humanitarian resources in order to increase their effectiveness in tackling poverty, IATI brings together donor and recipient countries, civil society organizations, and others committed to working together to increase the transparency and openness of aid. With the goal of consolidating these various efforts, UNDG has developed d-portal.org to provide convenient access to the data shared with IATI. Overseen by the UNDG data and transparency task team, the portal promotes an open-source approach to the application of transparency standards among UNDG members by enabling partners to see all UNDG-related data in a single location.

Outstanding Web Features: The portal provides access to real-time UNDG member financial and activity data with the intention of stimulating discussion around two data points: "Where do humanitarian/development resources come from?" and "Where do they go (by sector and location)?" Visitors can use the platform to search development and humanitarian activities by recipient country, sector group, activity status, publisher, year range, and/or policy marker. (The fewer filters one applies, the better the results.) Once an event has been selected (e.g., ebola), users can see the number of projects related to that event, as well as the active, completed, and planned projects and IATI publishers. The site provides a further breakdown of who is contributing the aid, where the funding was received, and where the total funds are allocated, as well as a corresponding heat map. Visitors to the site can also catch up with the latest news, see a dashboard view of publisher stats, find out how to generate widgets for online use, and/or browse database logs.

International Aid Transparency Initiative
Main Office:
E-mail: info@iatistandard.org
Location: International

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