Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation makes health-related grants in the areas of cardiovascular research, where it has ambitions to support the largest cardiovascular clinical research network in the nation, and aging and quality of life, where it is interested in strengthening physicians' training in geriatrics.

Purpose of Site:
To disseminate information about the foundation's programs, history, and resources for grantseekers.

Formed in 1954, the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation was the creation of Donald Worthington Reynolds. A media entrepreneur, Reynolds created in his lifetime one of the nation’s largest privately held media companies, the Donrey Media Group. The group had its beginning in 1940 with the purchases of the Okmulgee Daily Times (OK) and the Southwest Times Record (AR).

As his company grew, so did his foundation and his charitable giving. During his later years, Mr. Reynolds awarded some of his largest gifts through the foundation. These included a $9.5 million gift to his alma mater (the University of Missouri) to construct an alumni center; funding to create the Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism and Center for Advanced Media Studies at the University of Nevada-Reno, and a $4 million dollar gift to create the Donald W. Reynolds Student Services Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Upon the death of Mr. Reynolds in 1993, the Donrey Media Group was sold. From this sale, a substantial bequest from Mr. Reynolds’ estate provided for the foundation’s endowment and created the foundation as a separate entity. The foundation's programs currently include Capital Grants, Community Services Centers, Aging and Quality of Life, and Cardiovascular Clinical Research.

Home Page:
The new Web site of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation is simply designed and easy to navigate, offering extensive information on the foundation and its grantmaking programs. The foundation's annual reports, press releases, grantee lists, and other resources are available on the site.

Outstanding Feature:
The foundation's Aging & Quality of Life program, a major initiative to strengthen the geriatrics training of U.S. physicians, was launched in 2000. A call for proposals was issued to all of the country’s academic health centers and independent residency training programs, urging them to rise to the extraordinary challenges that will be faced by physicians as the number of frail elderly more than doubles over the next thirty years. The foundation has called on America’s academic health centers to meet this challenge through comprehensive initiatives to strengthen the training in geriatrics of medical students, residents and/or practicing physicians. Of particular interest under this program are initiatives that are highly innovative and promise long-lasting, value-added impact in institutions that do not yet have strong medical student and residency training in geriatrics. The goal is to develop knowledge of fundamental biomedical aspects of aging, geriatric assessment and care coordination, and to train physicians to optimally manage the clinical conditions and special problems of the frail elderly. In April 2001, ten grants, totaling approximately $20 million, were awarded by the trustees.

President: Steven L. Anderson
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
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