Giving Back Fund

The Giving Back Fund's mission is four-fold: to encourage and support philanthropy by offering professional, efficient, and cost-effective foundation management; to help establish philanthropic role-models who will inspire others to give back to their communities; to create a high-profile, mutually supportive community of foundations that work together, when appropriate, in support of common missions and goals; and to honor philanthropy in all aspects, whether manifested by the giving of time, talent, or money to assist others

The Giving Back Fund was created in 1997 by Marc Pollick, its president. Mr. Pollick was a consultant for the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, which he helped create. He also served as the assistant director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Harvard University and as the founding executive director of the Zachor Institute for Holocaust Studies in Miami, Florida.

Purpose of Site:
The purpose of the Giving Back Fund's Web site is to disseminate information about the fund and other donor-advised funds to prospective donors and those who would like to establish their own donor-advised funds. Visitor's can access information about a number of funds and even make online contributions.

Outstanding Feature:
The most outstanding feature of the Giving Back Funds Web site is the donor section. It lists and describes all the donor-advised funds and foundations contained within the Giving Back Fund and allows visitors to make informed contributions to either individual funds or simply to the Giving Back Fund itself.

President and Founder: Marc Pollick
Main Office:
20 Park Plaza
Suite 1129
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Tel: (617) 451-9393
Tel: (617) 451-9399