Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Mission:  To provide a framework with which citizens, governments, and the private sector can assess policy outcomes and the delivery of public goods and services across Africa as well as in each of the fifty-four countries on the continent.

Background: Originally established in 2007 by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) in partnership with the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (and today supported and maintained by MIF alone), the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) provides an annual statistical assessment of the quality of governance in the fifty-four countries on the African continent. MIF defines governance "as the provision of the political, social, and economic goods that a citizen has the right to expect from his or her state, and that a state has the responsibility to deliver to its citizens" and, for the purposes of the index, uses one overall measure of governance performance and four main conceptual categories — Safety & Rule of Law, Participation & Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity, and Human Development — to assess progress on an individual country, regional, and continent-wide basis. The index includes more than one hundred data measures from over thirty independent African and global institutions, making it the the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance anywhere.

Outstanding Web Features: The index allows users to benchmark governance performance, going back to 2006, across a number of geographic dimensions (individual country, regional, continent-wide) and presentation options (dashboard, graph, table). Once in the dashboard, users can choose to view data by measure/indicator, by location, or both. Under the Overall Governance tab, users have a choice of the four main conceptual categories, fourteen sub-categories (e.g., Rule of Law, Personal Safety, Gender, Infrastructure, Education, Health), and more than ninety indicators. Under the Location tab, visitors can choose to view data by individual country, by region, or by continent, or compare data from several countries or regions. Users also have the option to select a single measure or to view multiple measures in comparison to each other, and to have the data presented in dashboard, graph, or table format. With a simple click, users can hop back to the MIF site, where they can download the index report, data, and other documents related to the 2016 IIAG, watch a video about the index, and learn more about the methodology used to create it.

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