In Pieces

In Pieces

Mission: To educate, inspire, and provoke thought about the complex topic of species extinction.

Background: Created by award-winning UK-based digital designer and developer Bryan James, In Pieces uses "good old CSS" to present the complex topic of species extinction in a thoughtful and arresting manner. The thirty species featured in the interactive exhibition were selected for their genic diversity and uniqueness — and as a reminder of the ineffable beauty we are on the verge of losing. By raising awareness of the threats to endangered species, as well as the organizations trying to save them, the exhibition serves as a call to action and, at the same time, offers a message of hope.

Outstanding Web Feature: Collage-like images of the thirty endangered species are assembled "on the fly" using a Web-based technology known as CSS polygons that allows each triangular "shard" to be manipulated, morphed and moved, with CSS transitions linking up the movements. The result is "thirty species built from thirty pieces." Individual "pieces" are accompanied by summaries of the threats facing that species as well as graphic visualizations documenting its current population and recent declines in those numbers. Visitors also can learn more about some of the organizations working to protect and save the species featured in the exhibition, download individual pieces as wallpaper for their desktops or laptops, and/or order a colorful poster ($18.95) featuring all thirty pieces.

Bryan James
Main Office:
Subjects: animal welfare
Organization: rainforest trust
Location: international; national


March 12, 2019