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Khan Academy


To provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere.


Khan Academy was formed after the educational videos Salman Khan used to tutor cousins and family friends grew in popularity on the video-sharing Web site YouTube. Khan quit his day job as a hedge fund manager to provide students with a way to master math and science at their own pace through virtual lectures and exercises. Since its inception in 2006, Khan Academy has delivered more than 87 million lessons to students of all ages around the world.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can browse more than 2,700 videos covering a wide range of subjects, from basic addition to trigonometry. After logging in with a Google or Facebook account, users can track their progress and earn "energy" points and badges. As they work through the sequence of linked educational tools on the site, users can navigate a personalized knowledge map. In addition, coaches using the site can track the progress of their students. The Web site also features an FAQ, a tutorial for new visitors, a blog, and an application for administrators interested in integrating Khan Academy lessons into their curricula.

Founder and Executive Director: Salman Khan
Main Office:
Khan Academy
PO Box 1630
Mountain View, California 94042
Subjects: Education

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