National Climate Assessment

National Climate Assessment

Mission: To summarize the impact of climate change in the United States.

Background: Americans have begun to notice that summers are getting longer and hotter while winters are generally becoming shorter and warmer, and that coastal areas and inland cities on rivers are experiencing more flooding — all of it consistent, according to scientists who study such phenomenon, with a warming global climate. The National Climate Assessment summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, helping Americans to see what is actually happening and understand what it means for their lives and livelihoods, now and in the future. Compiled by a team of more than three hundred experts with the assistance of a sixty-member federal advisory committee, the report and accompanying website includes analyses of impacts in seven sectors — human health, water, energy, transportation, agriculture, forests, and ecosystems — as well as some of the climate-driven interactions among sectors.

Outstanding Web Features: The National Climate Assessment website provides an in-depth look at how climate change is likely to impact the U.S. and details the many ways it is already affecting the lives of Americans. Visitors to the site can explore aspects of the changing climate, including extreme weather, melting sea ice, and rising sea levels. Visitors to the site also can explore how climate change affects important sectors such as health, water, and agriculture, as well as its impact on urban areas, rural communities, and indigenous peoples. In addition, the report explores the ways in which climate change is impacting every region — and evidence of those impacts in every state. Visitors also can research climate change response strategies, including actions to reduce GHG emissions, adaptation measures, and thoughts on what can be done to protect public health, the economy, and Americans' quality of life.

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January 17, 2019