Salvation Army

Salvation Army

To spread a Christian message and meet human needs without discrimination.

Methodist minister William Booth founded the Salvation Army in London's East End in 1865, and the first Salvationists arrived in the United States in 1880. Originally, the organization's mission was to convert people to Christianity, but the positive response to its social welfare programs prompted the organization to focus on those efforts. By the time Booth died in 1912, the Salvation Army was working in fifty-eight countries and today it has a presence in more than a hundred countries.

One of the organization's best known programs is the Red Kettle campaign, which dates back to 1891. In 2008, the campaign raised $130 million to support services for individuals in need.

Outstanding Web Features:
The Salvation Army Web site features an online version of its iconic Red Kettle campaign that allows visitors to make a donation, create a personal or team kettle, and spread the word about the campaign via social networking sites and a downloadable iPhone application. The site also offers an online donation guide for individuals who wish to give items to a Salvation Army store and a portal for donating cars and airline miles.

National Commander: Israel L. Gaither
Main Office:
615 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, Virginia 22313
Tel: (703) 684-5500
Subjects: human services