Solutions Story Tracker

Solutions Story Tracker

Mission: To spread the practice and use of "solutions" journalism — rigorous and compelling reporting on solutions to social problems....

Background: In the belief that news consumers are more likely to engage with an issue when they know that someone is working to solve the problem, the nonprofit Solutions Journalism Network was created in 2013 by New York Times "Fixes" writers David Bornstein and Tina Rosenberg, along with Courtney E. Martin — author, speaker, blogger, and frequent "Fixes" contributor — with the aim of encouraging journalists and news organizations around the country to adopt a more solutions-oriented approach to their reporting. To that end, SJN trains journalists how to report solutions-oriented stories and supports newsrooms, freelancers, and university journalism programs interested in doing more such reporting. As part of that effort, SJN created the Solutions Story Tracker, a curated database of solutions-oriented stories from around the world that has become a respected resource for the teaching of solutions journalism and for learning about social innovation more broadly.

Outstanding Web Features: The Solutions Story Tracker database boasts nearly five thousand (and growing) stories produced by almost eight hundred news outlets from more than a hundred and fifty countries. Every story in the database is tagged — by issue, location, journalist, and success factor (strategic insights that emerge as patterns) — enabling visitors to the site to easily find coverage of effective or promising ideas and approaches. Visitors to the site can also submit stories for review that meet certain criteria: they must originate from an accredited news outlet; have a date and a byline; focus primarily on a specific response to a specific  problem; convey insight, with lessons that are relevant and teachable to others; provide evidence of the success or failure of an approach and address its shortcomings or limitations; and avoid advocacy, PR, and fawning (over a person, organization, or movement) — focusing instead on credible, objective reporting. Visitors to the site can expand their research by jumping over to Solutions U, an affiliated project of the Solutions Journalism Network that offer its own collection of solutions-oriented stories; check out an FAQ to learn more about the project and its methodology; register to receive the SJN newsletter; and/or make a donation.

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