The Life Story: Moments of Change

The Life Story: Moments of Change

Mission:  To elevate the experiences and voices of those in the sex trade and provide the solutions needed to change the systems that support and perpetuate sex work and trafficking.…

Background: The Life Story: Moments of Change is a project of the NoVo foundation, a social justice foundation created by Jennifer and Peter Buffett. The foundation believes that the trajectories of girls and women in the "life" are often marked by "on-ramps to exploitation," including poverty, discrimination, and system failures that can lead to them being more vulnerable to violence — including the violence of sexual exploitation. The site was created in partnership with survivors of the sex trade, who share their own stories and the paths that led to sexual exploitation. The site details everyday realities for these women and highlights opportunities for change as a way to force people to think — and do something — about sexual violence and exploitation so that fewer people are harmed. It is also designed to inform and inspire those who work at the intersections of education, housing, public health, mental health, addiction services, and economic and racial justice to work with girls and women who are exploited and help them change their life trajectories for the better.

Outstanding Web Features: The site's splash page grabs visitors' attention with an introductory video that shares different paths to sexual exploitation in the words of a dozen survivors and advocates. Visitors are then invited to learn more by exploring thirteen "moments" in a girl or women's life when a service provider, funder, advocate, and/or ally can make a difference. These include birth into inequality and the fact that failing social systems and untreated trauma often begin at birth; child sexual abuse, which can prime girls for future exploitation; school, which can be a critical safety net for girls but which too often is a place where they fall through the cracks; forced immigration, which too often traps girls and young women in exploitation; and motherhood, which often forces women to make a choice between seeking help and losing their kids or staying in the life and staying together. Visitors to the site also can learn more about the project and the NoVo Foundation's philosophy, look up answers to their questions via an FAQ, download a citation list, and/or connect with the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

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February 14, 2019