GHR Foundation and OpenIDEO Launch Third BridgeBuilder to Identify Ideas to Help Migrants, Refugees, and Displaced People

In collaboration with open innovation platform OpenIDEO, the Minneapolis-based GHR Foundation has launched its third annual BridgeBuilder™ competition, through which it will award $1 million to the best ideas that address urgent global issues in radically new ways.

This year, BridgeBuilder launches in response to the more than 70.8 million men, women and children who are currently forcibly displaced worldwide. With more people on the move today than in the past seventy years, and with women and children disproportionately impacted, the 2019 Challenge invites social innovators and currently or previously displaced persons to design approaches that enable individuals to create a life of meaning filled with hope and dignity, and to support host communities in being their most welcoming.

Entrants are requested to consider the following question: How might we, as people on the move and neighbors, build bridges to a shared future of stability and promise?

Selected top ideas will receive a share of $1 million in seed funding from the GHR Foundation; join a BridgeBuilder cohort of innovative organizations working to address urgent needs; take part in a kick-off workshop, during which they will meet other social innovators and further design and build their approaches with tools and expertise from GHR and OpenIDEO; and receive ongoing partnership support from GHR, potential connection to other funder networks, and media exposure

Ideas are invited from individuals and teams currently or previously experiencing displacement as well as registered nonprofit, civil society, community-based, and for-profit organizations working anywhere in the world. The idea must be actionable and build tangible results in the community of focus, rather than research, convenings, policy development, or advocacy; be implemented within a thirty-six-month timeline and within a budget of up to $200,000; and show evidence that the voice and perspective of a person currently or previously experiencing displacement is part of the ideation, process, and project.

The window for submissions is open from July 2 to August 17, with “top ideas” announced in mid-November following a refinement process using human-centered design. Top ideas will each receive a share of $1 million in seed funding from GHR Foundation and will join a cohort of innovative organizations working to address urgent needs.
See GHR Foundation website for additional information.