Michelson 20MM Foundation Invites Proposals for Spark Grants

The mission of the Michelson 20MM Foundation is to improve access to, affordability of, and efficacy in postsecondary education leading to meaningful careers.

The vision for the foundation’s Spark Grant Program is to introduce an innovative just-in-time grantmaking process to meet the urgent needs of education organizations that are well-aligned with the foundation’s key target outcomes. The foundation seeks to fund highly impactful initiatives proposed by organizations that would not be possible if the organizations needed to go through a traditional grant decision timeline and, to that end, is committed to reaching a decision on each application within fifteen business days.

After an application is submitted to the foundation, the grant committee will do an initial application assessment. Within six business days, organizations will be notified if their application is moving forward in the process. If it is, a follow-up call will be scheduled within six to ten business days of application submittal for an in-depth discussion of the proposal. Applicants that do not respond within forty-eight hours to the foundation’s request to schedule a follow-up call will be deemed ineligible for a grant.

In the spirit of acting quickly, grants of up to $25,000 each will be allocated until the total funding is distributed.

Grants awarded through the Spark program are available to United States-based nonprofits, institutions, and for-profits. (For for-profit organizations, the foundation will apply additional scrutiny to mission alignment.)

For more information, including baseline grant criteria, key target outcomes, and a thirty-minute grant application webinar, see the Michelson 20MM Foundation website.